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FAQ’s on Powerflushing

Have you been advised that you need a powerflush? And are you not sure what one is? 

We've answered all of your most frequently asked questions about powerflushing so you know what a powerflush is and why it's beneficial for your central heating system.

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What is a powerflush?

A powerflush is where water and other immobilising agents are pushed through your central heating system in an attempt to clear any rust, sludge and other debris that is otherwise affecting your boiler, radiators and entire heating system. 

After the debris is removed, your central heating system will work almost as new and help you take advantage of the benefits below:

What are the benefits of powerflushing?

There are lots of benefits to powerflushing your heating system:

  • Reduced energy bills because your boiler needn't work as hard to push water through your central heating system
  • Boiler / central heating system is less likely to breakdown, meaning fewer repairs and less repair costs
  • Less noise from your boiler
  • Hotter radiators as a result of reduced sludge
  • Radiators warm up faster
  • Increased lifespan of your heating system

And much more. 

How often should I powerflush my central heating system?

We'd recommend powerflushing your central heating system at a minimum every decade, but ideally every 5 years so you can keep your central heating system in top condition. 

Do I need a powerflush if I'm getting a new boiler?

Yes. Most boiler manufacturers request that the system that the boiler is being installed into is clean prior to installation. 

Without a powerflush, most boiler manufacturers are unlikely to guarantee your boiler. 

Can an old heating system be powerflush?

Yes, and we'd recommend it. Old heating systems that haven't been powerflushed for some time are in much more of a need of a powerflush than newer heating systems. 

Our equipment uses less pressure than mains water, so your heating system is at no risk whatsoever.

Who can powerflush my central heating system?

The engineer that powerflushes your central heating system does not need to be Gas Safe registered. 

They can be a gas engineer, plumber, or another qualified trade. 

Looking for an engineer in Glasgow to powerflush your central heating system? 

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