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Repressurising your boiler [Step-by-step Guide]

Ever get the feeling that your central heating system might not be as efficient as it once was? This could be a sign that your boiler needs to be re-pressurised. I know that might sound daunting, but all it takes is a few easy steps to re-pressurise your boiler and get it back operating at its best, and Chalmers Gas are here to walk you through them in our latest blog post!

FAQ’s on Powerflushing

 We've answered all of your most frequently asked questions about powerflushing so you know what a powerflush is and why it's beneficial for your central heating system.

FAQs on Boiler Repairs

If you have questions about boiler repairs, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to see the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions here at Chalmers Gas & Heating!

FAQs on Boiler Servicing

Hhere are some of our most frequently-asked questions and the answers that you need to help keep your boiler running at its optimal efficiency all-year-round!