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FAQs on Boiler Servicing

Regardless of the type of boiler that you own and its age, it’s imperative that you consider having this serviced on a regular basis by an accredited and reputable engineer.

At Chalmers Gas & Heating, our customers are always asking us about boiler servicing, its core benefits and what’s involved in annual inspection.

So, here are some of our most frequently-asked questions and the answers that you need to help keep your boiler running at its optimal efficiency all-year-round!

Who Can Service My Boiler?

In simple terms, any engineer that has earned Gas Safe-registration can carry out an annual service on your boiler.

However, you should not that plumbing engineers are not qualified to undertake this type of work. This is not to say that plumber’s aren’t highly skilled and multi-talented individuals, but they lack the necessary accreditation to work on boilers and heating systems.

What are the Benefits of Boiler Servicing?

This is an excellent question; and the fact remains that there are numerous advantages to having your boiler serviced.

Firstly, this enables engineers to diagnose and repair faults before they become too problematic, minimising any inconvenience caused and negating the risk of breakdowns in the future.

This will also minimise the cost of long-term boiler repairs, while boosting performance and efficiency levels over an extended period of time.

What Does a Boiler Service Include?

We offer extensive boiler servicing to our customers in Glasgow and the surrounding areas, enabling you to benefit from a comprehensive health check that offers genuine value for your hard-earned money.

More specifically, our engineers will attend your home and inspect every component of the boiler and the surrounding heating system, including its connecting pipework, fittings and the all-important heat exchanger.

We’ll then provide a breakdown of your boiler’s health and a full quotation for any necessary repair works!

Why Should I Trust Chalmers Gas to Carry Out My Boiler Service?

Based in Glasgow and covering regions within a 20-mile radius, we’ve been installing, maintaining and servicing a wide range of boilers for more than 15 years now.

Our Gas Safe-registered heating engineers have also been independently verified by Expert Trades and Trusted Traders, while we’re fully insured up to the value of £5 million! This provides our customers with genuine peace of mind, as does the fact that we work professionally and to the very highest standards at all times.

To learn more or book your annual service, why not give one of our team a call today on either 0141 374 0274 or 07580 020343? Or, feel free to email us at and request your free quote in writing.