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Should I Repair or Replace My Boiler?

If your boiler is approaching 10 years old or more, chances are things will start to go wrong, sometimes just occasionally and at other times more often. Nothing lasts forever, but how do you know whether your boiler needs replacing or just a repair? 

While there’s no simple answer, and a qualified heating engineer will need to assess your boiler to advise on the right course of action, considering the following will give you a better idea on what the right thing to do for your central heating system is.

When should I get my boiler repaired?

A boiler is expensive to replace, so if it makes sense to do so, it’s always better to try and repair them. Even the most reliable boilers go wrong at some point, but if a part just needs replacing and your Gas Safe registered engineer thinks your boiler is in overall good condition, then there should be no need to have a new one installed. If the following applies to you, you probably need some repair work carried out, rather than a new boiler installed:

  • Your boiler is 9 years old or less. 
  • It doesn't break down a lot or require regular repairs. 
  • The repair requires some work, but there aren’t multiple things wrong. 
  • The radiators are cold rather than the boiler has broken down. In this case, it may be a thermostat problem instead. 
  • Your radiators are slow to heat but the boiler is switching on. 
  • If so, you may need your radiators bleeding or your system powerflushing. 
  • Your boiler isn’t leaking

When should I get my boiler replaced 

However, if some of the following applies, although you should still get it checked first in, it’s probably wise to plan for replacing your boiler in the near future:

  • Your boiler requires regular repairs. 
  • There’s been a gas leak from your boiler. 
  • Your boiler is more than 10 years old and has already broken down in the last 12 months. 
  • The part needed to replace your boiler is expensive and is the latest in a long list of recent repairs carried out. 
  • Your boiler is leaking water regularly. 

Boiler repair, care and installation in Glasgow & surrounds 

If you are still not sure whether you should try to repair your boiler or have it replaced, we’re happy to offer further advice. It’s not usually possible to say for certain without assessing your boiler, and a good heating engineer will always advise you on the best steps for your situation. 

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