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Top boiler maintenance tips for 2021

If properly maintained, boilers can last for many years, but what does this mean? Continue reading to learn about our best boiler maintenance tips. 

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Boiler Maintenance Glasgow

Servicing on a regular basis 

The biggest and most crucial tip is to have your boiler serviced once a year. Servicing your boiler once a year preserves it keeping it in good working order for the future, as it detects any issues while they are still minor and manageable. They run significantly more efficiently as a result of this, making them a terrific investment.

Turn on the heating regularly  

If your boiler is turned off for an extended period of time (for example, all summer), problems are far more likely to occur. Ideally, you should turn on your boiler for 10 to 15 minutes on a frequent basis throughout the summer to ensure that everything is still working properly.

Check your pressure gauge  

Because boiler pressure can fluctuate over time, you should remember to check it on a frequent basis to ensure it is as it should be. The pressure should be at 1 on the gauge; if it isn't, you should top it up according to the manufacturer's instructions. If it dips too frequently, your boiler may need to be repaired.

Bleed your Radiators  

It's a good idea to bleed your radiators if they have cold spots or aren't heating up as quickly as they used to. This isn't a systemic issue with your boiler; it's simply a way to keep your system in good working order without having to spend money on a costly repair. 

Keep an eye out for warning signs 

You should be aware of the most common warning signs that might suggest your boiler is faulty. Strange noises, odours, unreliability, and low pressure are all common indicators that tell us that something could be wrong and should be investigated. When your boiler has to be repaired, call a gas professional as soon as possible rather than waiting until it breaks down.

Keep your exterior pipes safe

Your pipes are likely to freeze over during the winter months. Insulate your pipes with pipe lagging or foam found in DIY stores to reduce the risk of this happening. If necessary, you should also know how to defrost a frozen pipe. The simplest methods are to use a hairdryer or moist towels.

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