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If you are a resident of Glasgow interested in upgrading your home's heating system, look no further. This comprehensive guide is specifically designed for you. We provide expert insights and helpful tips for gas boiler installation in Glasgow. 

Why choose a gas boiler?

Gas boilers offer numerous advantages over other heating systems, including:

Energy efficiency

Gas boilers are typically more energy efficient than other systems, resulting in lower energy expenses.

Environmentally friendly

Natural gas emits fewer greenhouse gases than other fossil fuels, making it environmentally friendly

Fast heating

Gas boilers provide rapid heating, keeping your property delightfully warm during the winter months.


They are compatible with a variety of central heating systems, which makes installation simple.

Types of gas boilers in Glasgow

There are three main types of gas boilers:

Combi boilers

Combi boilers are an excellent space-saving option because they provide both central heating and hot water on demand.

System boilers

System boilers are equipped with a distinct hot water storage cylinder and provide a constant supply of hot water.

Conventional boilers

Also known as heat-only or regular boilers, conventional boilers require a separate hot water container and storage tank for cold water.

Consult with a Gas Safe Registered Engineer

A professional engineer can assess your property and recommend the most suitable gas boiler. Remember, only Gas Safe registered engineers are qualified to work on gas appliances in Glasgow. At Chalmers Plumbing & Heating, we are fully trained and qualified to install all types of boilers. Simply get in touch with our heating engineers in Glasgow by calling us on 0141 3740274 or 07580020343 and we'll be happy to help. 

Boiler Installations Glasgow FAQs

How much does a gas boiler installation in Glasgow cost?

The cost of installation depends on various factors, such as the type of boiler you choose, the complexity of the work, and the rates of the installer. We estimate a boiler installation can be between £1,500 and £4,000. We highly recommend getting multiple quotes from various companies to get the best price.

How long does it take to install a gas boiler? 

A straightforward installation typically takes one to two days. However, more complex jobs or first-time installations may take longer.

Can I install a boiler myself?

Installing a gas boiler by yourself is not recommended and can be extremely dangerous. Always hire a Gas Safe registered engineer to ensure your safety and the proper functioning of your boiler.

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