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Our heating engineers are all highly trained Gas Safe registered engineers. They are the ones to call for all your boiler repair, boiler installation and boiler service needs. If you require one of the above services then please call us on either 0141 374 0274 or on 07580 020343 today. 

Boiler Repair Cumbernauld

If your boiler has recently developed a fault, please call a professional heating engineer. This way, the fault can be fixed quickly. If a boiler repair is not completed, a more serious fault can develop. More serious faults will always be more costly. Signs you will need a boiler repair include the following:

  • The boiler is producing strange and new noises.
  • The pressure is too low or too high.
  • There is a gas leak.
  • There is a water leak.
  • You have no hot water and no heating.

Our team of heating engineers will tend to your boiler extremely quickly if it is considered an emergency. A boiler repair is an emergency if:

  • You have no heating and no not water and the temperature is below freezing.
  • You have vulnerable individuals living at your property, such as the very young or the elderly.
  • There is a gas leak.

If any of the above occur, please call us immediately stating the problem. Contact us on either 0141 374 0274 or on 07580 020343.

Boiler Installation Cumbernauld

Sometimes your boiler will not be able to be repaired. A boiler will become too old at some point. When this is the case please contact our team at Chalmers Plumbing & Heating. We will be able to assist with all aspects of a new boiler installation. We can assist with queries relating to the type and size of boiler required for your property. Our heating engineers will also be able to complete the boiler installation too. 

We are Gas Safe registered engineers. We are trained to deal with all gas appliances safely. When we install your new boiler we will ensure that it is fitted inline with all current UK Gas Safety regulations.

Boiler Service Cumbernauld

The team at Chalmers Plumbing & Heating will recommend an annual boiler service. An annual boiler service is recommended by many different professionals in the heating industry. A yearly service is beneficial to you because:

  • It will keep your boiler running smoothly and safely.
  • The boiler will run more efficiently. This will ensure that your home is heated quicker. It also saves you money.
  • The warranty on your boiler will be kept intact.
  • If you are a landlord, an annual boiler service, Cumbernauld, is a legal requirement.

Book a heating service with us

The team of heating engineers here at Chalmers Plumbing & Heating pride themselves in the quality of their work. Whether you are after a boiler repair, a boiler service or a new boiler installation, our team will complete each one to a very high standard. If you require one of our services today, please don’t hesitate and contact our heating engineers, Caumbernauld, on either 0141 374 0274 or on 07580 020343

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